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Sustain the Change

Imagine having a way to support someone in treatment with a mobile, secure, collaborative, and user-friendly tool. Wouldn’t it be amazing to rally a client’s professional team and support network to increase the likelihood of treatment success for all involved?

You’ve got the best with Rallyest.

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Learn why treatment professionals are seeing Rallyest as a way to do their best, and show their best work.

What’s New at Rallyest


Rallyest announces secure video!

White Paper

Winners All Around:: How to Engage Clients, Involve Their Support Network and
Boost Treatment Success for Everyone


Support Teams

Your client’s family builds a ‘home team’ of positive individuals that help support and sustain change.

Video Sharing

State-of-the-art information, photo and video sharing at your fingertips.

HIPAA Compliant

Get the right information to the right people of the right time. Maintain privacy with social support that’s safe.


Set, track and achieve goals and create reports around sobriety, grades, trust, etc.

For Users

No matter the role you play or the title you have,
Rallyest can help you work better together for the best treatment experience and outcomes.



Home Team




Increase motivation and reduce relapse through meaningful connections and timely support.

Use Rallyest on your mobile devices, web browsers and more.

The Place Where it All Comes Together


Rally your client’s supporters ‘the home team’ in times of celebration or struggle.


Stay connected through securely shared photos and videos.


Shoot off a quick note, or take time to compose a thoughtful letter to encourage and empathize.


Follow progress and capture outcome data to share with professionals.

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The #1 tool to help therapeutic change last.

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What people are doing with Rallyest

Rallyest keeps me in touch with my treatment team

The most important thing Rallyest is doing for me is keeping me in touch with my treatment team, and allowing those at home who care about me to step in and help where they can.

Keeping up with my son in treatment

He is away, but we want to be working on things at home at the same time.

in treatment

My greatest moment with Rallyest? Realizing I had people at the ready to help me succeed.

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