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Imagine having a way to support someone in treatment with a mobile secure and user-friendly tool.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to rally a client’s professional team and their natural network of support to increase the likelihood of lasting treatment success?

Now. You. Can. Give clients your best with Rallyest.

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What’s New at Rallyest


Rallyest is pleased to announce the addition of video capabilities to the must-have line-up of features. By using a smartphone of computer, Rallyest captures secure video to share with a client, their support network, as well as their professionals. Making improved and confidential input, support, and connection possible for those in treatment settings.

White Paper

Winners All Around: How to Engage Clients, Involve Their Support Network and Boost Treatment Success for Everyone


Support Teams

Rally a client’s extended network of select family, friends, co-workers, clergy, and professionals.


Enjoy one location for a client’s photos, videos, updates, files, posts, comments, notifications, announcements, etc.

Care Coordination

Streamline the sharing of information and next steps between professionals and loved ones.

Goal Wizard

Track self-reported daily progress on client goals for emotional, mental, social, spiritual and physical health.


Create a variety of one question polls that trigger follow up questions or actions based on response for improved feedback.

Outcome Tracking

Measure and report individual and collated outcome data from alumni back to the program.

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Home Team




Increase motivation and reduce relapse through meaningful connections and timely support.

Use Rallyest anywhere and at any time with mobile devices, web browsers, and more, all while knowing your information and communication are being kept confidential.

Where the Best of Treatment Comes Together to . . .


Rally a client’s supporters in times of celebration or struggle


Keep connected through securely shared photos and videos


Follow progress and capture outcome data to share with others who need to know


Offer understanding, resources, or ideas to clients and their support teams

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Offer understanding, resources, or ideas to clients and their support teams

Rallyest changes that.

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What people are doing
with Rallyest

Opening up and finding support

My greatest moment with Rallyest? Really knowing I had people at the ready, willing to help me stay on track with my treatment goals.

Keeping up with my son
in treatment

I like matching my growth to his as I see him do “his work” in the treatment program, I am motivated to do “my work” to make changes at home.

Lifting the burden on my clinical staff

We needed to find a way to make the administration of good therapy less of a stressor for our team. Rallyest keeps everything related to one client in one safe place.

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